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Why Use a Welding Electrode or Flux Oven?

Still using that old refrigerator with a light bulb to keep your welding rods dry?

Leading industry experts unanimously agree that proper welding consumable storage is a critical step in the welding process and essential for creating defect-free welds. For example, low hydrogen welding electrodes must be conditioned properly before starting a welding job to prevent problems such as porosity, hydrogen embrittlement and cracking.

While welding, it is crucial to maintain low-hydrogen rods or electrodes in a holding oven within a temperature range of 100°F and 300°F. This prevents water vapor from permeating the welding rod and entering the weld which can lead to defects.

Let's face it, an old beat up refrigerator and a light bulb will not cut it...

The possible repercussions of improperly executing a weld can easily cost thousands of dollars in repairs and rework time. Utilizing an improperly maintained welding rod which has not been kept at the proper temperature - especially in a building erection environment - can have disastrous consequences.

If a defective weld is discovered after a structure has been completed, the weld may have to be removed and the entire welding job must be done over again, thereby eating into your profits and valuable time.

At RodOvens.com, better welds are our business. We strive to be the leading online supplier of welding consumable storage products and accessories to the welding industry. We offer the full line of Keen Welding Ovens, including electrode, flux and mig/tig ovens.

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