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Servicing the Welding Industry for Over 30 Years

Rod is the first website devoted exclusively to the sale of welding ovens, including electrode and flux stabilization products. Experienced in welding equipment distribution for over 30 years, our bricks and mortar division recognized a strong demand in the market for a convenient, online store providing a wide variety of rod ovens, flux ovens and related equipment. We proudly serve the needs of welding, automotive and metal fabrication shops all over the world.

As a welder, you are aware that using a holding oven to keep your welding rods and flux moisture-free is a crucial part of the welding process. But after visiting your local distributor, you may have found that rod and flux ovens can be quite costly. This price inflation is a direct result of long-standing supply relationships among welding equipment manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Their marriage has resulted in one thing only- astronomically high prices for the end user.

electrode ovenAt Rod, we eliminate this problem. By marketing and selling exclusively online, we reduce our costs and pass the savings on to you. Out-of-state customers can avoid paying sales tax, which for the larger ovens can add up to a significant amount of savings especially when ordering several units. Strong relationships with domestic freight carriers allow us to offer low freight rates. We also have a highly experienced export division that can handle shipments by air or sea to any worldwide destination.

Our goal is to provide the widest selection of ovens available online. We make it easy for welders to browse, select and purchase from a wide range of oven capacities- from 5 lb. capacity portable rod ovens to 1500 lb. stationary re-conditioning ovens. Many bricks and mortar welding distributors do not even supply rod or flux ovens much less stock them. Sometimes there simply are not enough customers in the area to justify maintaining an inventory of ovens.

In addition to providing a rewarding shopping experience, we also seek to provide you valuable information in our Welding Facts section. Here you will find advice from leading industry experts on why welding rod ovens are essential to help keep your welds hydrogen-free.

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