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Portable Holding Ovens for Electrodes

Our portable holding ovens are designed to store small amounts of welding electrodes during transfer from large shop ovens and at the job location. Economical, light in weight and easy to carry, our portable models maintain rods at ideal temperatures to prevent moisture pick-up and to optimize welds.

All units are highly durable and stand the test of any rigorous welding environment. All portable models can be shipped by U.P.S.

Bench Holding Electrode Ovens

Our bench holding ovens are an excellent choice for small to medium sized shops. Too large to be considered portable, yet small and light enough when empty to be picked up by a single person, bench ovens are an economical choice when a large floor oven is not required.

These models are designed to be placed upon a bench or other stable surface for easy loading and unloading of welding consumables. Electrodes and wire can be stored in bench ovens at optimum temperature to fight off harmful moisture absorption in the flux coating and core. Some bench models available at Rodovens.com can be shipped by U.P.S.

Floor (Stationary) Holding Ovens

Our floor holding ovens are designed to store a large capacity of electrodes, filler material and/or welding wire at optimum temperatures to ensure dryness. Unlike reconditioning ovens (which rebake at very high temperatures welding consumables that have already been damaged by moisture), large capacity floor holding ovens simply maintain dryness in factory-fresh welding consumables by holding them at moderately elevated temperatures.

Floor holding models are very energy efficient and recommended for medium to large shops. Heavy and designed to be positioned on the floor, these ovens can only be shipped by freight carriers (trailer truck).

Electrode Reconditioning Ovens

Our high-temperature electrode reconditioning ovens are designed to recondition and rebake welding electrodes that have been damaged by harmful moisture exposure. Coatings on welding electrodes rapidly absorb atmospheric moisture once they are removed from factory tins. When a moisture-contaminated electrode is used in the welding process, hydrogen is released into the metal when heat is applied. When the weld cools it can become brittle, crack and/or develop pinholes.

Our reconditioning ovens are the perfect solution to restore factory-fresh dryness to your consumables in order to improve performance on the job. These units only come in floor models and can only be shipped by freight carriers (trailer truck).


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