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Part Number
#011502 (480v)
Electrode Capacity
600 lbs (272.1 kg) Flux
240v or 480v
Watts/Heating Element
2000 W
Temperature Range
0 - 999 F (-18 - 537 C)
Proportional - Integrated Temperature Control
2" (5.08 cm) Mineral Wool
Interior Dimensions/
20" (50.8 cm) x 20" (50.8 cm) x 22" (56 cm) Sloped Bottom
Chamber Size
Net Weight
250 lbs. (113.4 kg)
Shipping Weight
283 lbs. (128.3 kg)
Shipping Dimensions
36" (91.44 cm) x 30" (76.20 cm) x 70" (177.80 cm)
Power Cord Length
Pilot Light


Our high-temperature flux reconditioning ovens are designed to recondition and rebake welding flux that has been damaged by harmful moisture exposure. Just as welding electrodes need to be reconditioned after being damaged by moisture, the same is required for welding flux. When moisture-contaminated flux is used in the welding process, hydrogen is released into the metal when heat is applied. When the weld cools it can become brittle, crack and/or develop pinholes. Our reconditioning ovens are the perfect solution to restore factory-fresh dryness to your consumables in order to improve performance on the job. These units only come in floor models and can only be shipped by freight carriers (trailer truck).

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