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Bench Holding - 550F Max Temp

For centralized, long-term heated protection of low-hydrogen stick welding rods, small to medium-sized welding shops choose Keen bench top welding rod storage ovens for their competitive price, low operating cost and reliability. Using heated rod ovens to maintain factory-fresh dryness of stick welding rods is paramount because once they are removed from air-tight factory packaging, the dry flux coating will quickly pick up atmospheric moisture. During the weld, this moisture is broken down and hydrogen can potentially enter the weld pool causing a variety of weld defects. The dry, heated environment of Keen bench welding rod ovens is designed to preserve the electrode's factory-specified low-hydrogen content required to deposit defect-free welds. At RodOvens.com, we have been supplying Keen welding rod ovens to stick welding professionals for decades. Whether you have a code certification requirement, a visiting welding inspector, or a team dedicated to proper welding rod storage, RodOvens.com has the right storage solution at the right price. Please contact us at 1-888-ROD-OVEN (763-6836). Just click on a product image below and you will be taken to the product details page.

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  1. Keen K-200 Welding Electrode Holding Oven -Bench


    About the K-200 Bench Top Rod Oven – 200 lbs. Capacity

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  2. Keen K-450 Welding Electrode Holding Oven -Bench


    About the K-450 Bench Top Rod Oven – 450 lbs. Capacity

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  3. Keen KHT-50 Welding Electrode Rebake Oven 550°F


    About the KHT-50 Electrode Rebake Oven – 50 lbs. Capacity

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