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Floor Holding - 550F Max Temp

These high-capacity welding rod ovens by Keen are designed for the large shop requiring centralized, heated protection of 1000 lbs or more of SMAW low-hydrogen electrodes. Low-hydrogen stick welding rods absorb atmospheric moisture into their flux coating once they are removed from factory packaging. The dry, heated environment of Keen welding electrode ovens preserves the factory dryness needed to produce optimal welds. Equipped with digital controls, high-limit protection and an abundance of other design and safety features, Keen floor-positioned welding rod ovens will accommodate the needs of large fabrication shops, shipyards and manufacturing facilities that require tight control of their inventory of welding electrodes. Typically, welding shops install Keen large capacity rod ovens in the tool crib. When electrodes are required for shop or field use, the preserved weld rods are distributed from these large rod ovens to individual welders for their use on the job. These distributed weld rods are usually stored in a portable oven to stay dry in the field and any welding rods that are left are brought back and placed back into the shop rod oven. Please contact us at 1-888-ROD-OVEN (763-6836). Just click on a product image below and you will be taken to the product details page.

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