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Submerged Arc Flux Ovens

Similar to the flux covering on low-hydrogen stick rods, granulated submerged arc welding arc flux readily picks up atmospheric moisture once it is removed from factory packaging. During the subarc welding process, this absorbed moisture is superheated and breaks down into hydrogen which can cause weld defects such as embrittlement, cracking, wormholes and porosity. In order to avoid these weld defects, subarc welding engineers heat their subarc flux in Keen flux ovens to prevent moisture absorption. Keen submerged arc flux ovens are known worldwide for their dependability, rugged design and competitive pricing. Built with a unique, bottom-unloading hopper design, these high-quality, American-made subarc flux ovens by Keen will withstand heavy, daily usage in the most demanding subarc welding operations. There are two types of heating processes involved with the proper handling of subarc welding flux: storage to maintain dryness, and rebaking, which bakes out moisture from subarc flux that has already been exposed to atmospheric moisture or humidity. At RodOvens.com, we sell two types of subarc flux ovens to handle each flux handling process, flux ovens for holding and flux ovens for rebaking. We offer a variety of capacities to accommodate any type of subarc welding operation, from 125 lbs. up to 1000 lbs. Simply click on the flux ovens below and you will be take to the product details page. If you have any questions about the Keen flux ovens we offer, you can also call us at 1-888-763-6836.

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  1. Keen KF-100A Subarc Flux Holding Oven


    About the Keen KF-100A Flux Holding Oven - 125 lbs. Capacity

    The KF-100A Learn More

  2. Keen KF-300 Subarc Flux Holding Oven - Made in USA


    About the KF-300 Flux Holding Oven - 300 lbs. Capacity

    The Keen KF-300 is a Learn More

  3. Keen KF-600 Subarc Flux Holding Oven


    About the KF-600 Flux Holding Oven – 600 lbs. Capacity

    The Keen KF-600 is Learn More

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