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Floor Holding - 300F and 550F Max Temps

Keen subarc welding flux ovens are known worldwide for their dependability, rugged design and competitive pricing. Made in USA, the Keen flux oven models shown below feature a bottom unloading flux hopper and are designed for storing fresh subarc flux to maintain dryness. Similar to the low-hydrogen flux coating on 7018 stick electrodes, granulated subarc flux is hygroscopic; it will begin to pick up atmospheric moisture as soon as it is removed from factory packaging. Comprised mostly of dry silica and powdered ingredients, unpackaged submerged arc welding flux must be stored

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  1. Keen KF-100A Subarc Flux Holding Oven


    About the Keen KF-100A Flux Holding Oven - 125 lbs. Capacity

    The KF-100A Learn More

  2. Keen KF-300 Subarc Flux Holding Oven - Made in USA


    About the KF-300 Flux Holding Oven - 300 lbs. Capacity

    The Keen KF-300 is a Learn More

  3. Keen KF-600 Subarc Flux Holding Oven


    About the KF-600 Flux Holding Oven – 600 lbs. Capacity

    The Keen KF-600 is Learn More

  4. Keen KF-1000 Subarc Flux Holding Oven


    About the KF-1000 Flux Holding Oven – 1000 lbs. Capacity

    The Keen KF-1000 Learn More

  5. Keen KF-900 Three-Hopper Subarc Flux Storage Oven


    About the KF-900 Flux Holding Oven – 900 lbs. Capacity

    The Keen KF-900 is Learn More

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