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Keen KF-100A Subarc Flux Holding Oven

Storage Capacity : 125 lbs

Temperature Range : Ambient-300F

Purpose: To provide dry, heated storage for submerged arc welding flux

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Brief Product Description:

Don't compromise your submerged arc welding (SAW) process by allowing humidity to degrade subarc flux. The American-made, Keen KF-100A oven is your storage solution, assuring factory-fresh dryness by providing heated storage for up to 125 lbs of submerged arc welding flux. Ruggedly-constructed and easy to use, the KF-100A’s innovative portable design allows users to relocate the oven among different stations, and the hopper itself can be removed easily from the stand to mount directly on the welding manipulator. Maximum temperature 300F. Top-loading design with bottom dispensing valve. External dial thermostat with adjustable range of 150F-300F

Product Overview

About the Keen KF-100A Flux Holding Oven - 125 lbs. Capacity

The KF-100A is the smallest flux oven in our range, and is an excellent choice for subarc welding operations where portability is a necessity. This particular unit is very easy to use, lightweight and can be moved from station to station with ease using the heavy-duty stand and wheels. Each subarc operation is unique- some customers centrally locate our large flux ovens, and many other customers enjoy the versatility of the KF-100A by having multiple units on hand spread among welding stations. The KF-100A flux oven is easily adapted to a variety of workflows, and particularly allows mobile operations to easily transport just the right amount of ovens they need for a particular job.

Subarc flux is top-loaded by way of a removable lid and discharged through a slide valve located on the bottom of the unit. A container placed by the user beneath the hopper catches the granulated flux as it is dispensed. Flux temperature inside the oven is regulated by a field adjustable dial thermostat with on-indicating light, and monitored with a bimetal thermometer. The KF-100A flux oven is equipped with lifting lugs.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The Keen KF-100A subarc flux holding oven is ruggedly designed to withstand years of use in the most demanding industrial environments. Heavy-gauge steel is used throughout the unit and 2-inch thick, semi-rigid, high-density mineral wool in the oven walls and lid keeps the KF-100A flux oven well-insulated and energy efficient. The exterior features a durable powder-coated paint that is highly resistant to industrial environments and will stand up to years of use. The KF-100A’s hopper has welded seams inside and out, and is securely mounted to a custom-built stand/dolly with wheels for easy mobility on site. The oven hopper can also be removed by the user from the dolly and placed at the weld head for direct dispensing of flux.

Performance Heating and Quality Temperature Control

Thorough, energy-efficient and quick heating of welding flux is the hallmark of all Keen flux ovens. The KF-100A utilizes two 1000W incoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements evenly dispersed throughout the flux oven hopper cavity for rapid heating of 125 lbs of flux. An externally-located, dial-adjustable capillary thermostat provides even temperature control of the oven chamber.

Quality Insulation

Efficient heating design must be supported by quality insulation. The Keen KF-100A features a semi-rigid, mineral wool “board” insulation that is bonded together with a high temperature binder. It is highly thermally efficient and is installed within the walls and lid of the unit.

Optional Accessories

As an optional accessory, Keen offers slag screens that can be installed at the top of the oven chamber. Our slag screens are designed to be a sieve for filtering out contaminants in reused flux as it is being poured back into the flux oven hopper. The hole size on our flux oven slag screens is standard, but we can adjust the screen hole size if you have a different requirement. The slagscreens are a fixed size according to the flux oven with which they are used.


We have the unmatched ability to customize any of our standard ovens, and/or design one-of-a-kind ovens for unique storage requirements. Welding codes are constantly changing, and Keen is ready to meet the demands of today’s welders. Please visit our website http://www.keenovens.com for more information about our products and detailed technical information about welding consumable storage.

Technical Details

Part Number 011305 – (120V – 1 Phase), 011306 - (240V – 1 Phase)
Oven Category Flux Oven
Flux Capacity (LBS) 125 lbs. Subarc Flux
Flux Capacity (KGS) 56.7 kgs. Subarc Flux
Standard Voltages Available 120V, 240V
Wattage 500W
Temperature Range (°F) Ambient – 300°F
Temperature Range (°C) Ambient – 149°C
Thermostat Analog Dial Adjustable Range 150°F-300°F
Insulation 2" Thermal Wool
Interior Dimensions (IN) 16”L x 12”W x 22”D Sloped Bottom
Interior Dimensions (CM) 40.64cm L x 30.48cm W x 55.88cm H Sloped Bottom
Exterior Dimensions (IN) 25.5”L x 25.5”W x 49”H
Exterior Dimensions (CM) 64.77cm L x 64.77cm W x 124.46cm H
External Thermometer Yes
Net Weight (LBS) 95 lbs
Net Weight (KGS) 43.09 kgs.
Shipping Dimensions (IN) 48”L x 40”W x 53”H
Shipping Dimensions (CM) 121.92cm x 101.60cm x 134.62cm
Shipping Weight (LBS) 160 lbs
Shipping Weight (KGS) 72.58 kgs.
Power Cord Length 8 ft.
“ON” Indicating Light Yes
CSA Approval No
UL Approval No
Accessories Slag Screen 100609
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