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Keen K-1000M&T-NP TIG Welding Rod and Spooled Welding Wire Storage Oven with Inert Gas Purge System

Storage Capacity : Eighteen 33 lb/12” Spools and Eight 10 lb tubes of 36” Filler Material

Temperature Range : Ambient-250F

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Brief Product Description:

Keen knows welders, and welders know Keen provides welding consumable storage solutions to make their jobs easier. The Keen K-1000M&T-NP welding consumable storage oven with inert gas purging functionality is designed primarily to store flux-cored wire coils, but in order to optimize space, Keen added a reinforced door rack capable of storing eight tubes of 36” TIG filler wire. Keen's unique inert gas purge system is designed to allow the user to purge moisture-carrying oxygen from the cabinet and replace with pure inert gas. Nitrogen and Argon are the standard medium for contamination-free storage because they are relatively inert - they neither react with stored materials nor carry moisture - and because they can be isolated and purified relatively inexpensively. Because these inert gases have a lower-specific gravity than air, when introduced into the oven they immediately purge air that may contain contaminants or moisture. Keen inert gas purge TIG filler wire welding ovens are often used for highly sensitive applications in the nuclear, marine, aerospace and aviation industries. Standard digitally-adjustable, ON/OFF microprocessor-based controller with ±1 degree accuracy, over-temperature control, welded door hinges, forklift pockets, purpose-built reinforced cradled shelving for storing spooled wire and door rack spacing for eight tubes if 36” TIG wire. Maximum temperature 250F.

Product Overview

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Technical Details

Voltage 120V Only
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