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Keen KT-20FC-36 TIG Filler Wire Storage Oven with Forced-Convection System

Storage Capacity : 600-800 lbs of TIG Filler Wire

Temperature Range : Ambient-250F

Purpose: To prevent oxidation and atmospheric moisture contamination of TIG welding rods and spooled welding wire

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Brief Product Description

Designed for aviation and aerospace GTAW welding professionals, the Keen KT-20FC-36 is a versatile, high-capacity TIG filler metal storage oven designed to protect valuable 36” TIG rods and cut-to-length material from oxidation and atmospheric moisture contamination. This highly-engineered oven by Keen features a dependable forced-convection blower to evenly distribute dry heat throughout the cabinet, digital temperature control and a clear, Lexan door panel that allows users to view the contents without opening the oven. The unique, perforated shelving compartments provide separated storage of multiple filler metal types. The KT-20FC-36 features a front and back door, allowing two ways to access the oven cabinet. Loaded with electrical and design safety features: digitally-adjustable, ON/OFF microprocessor-based controller with ±1 degree accuracy, manual reset high-limit fail-safe control and more. Maximum temperature 250F. Made in USA.

Product Overview

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Technical Details

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