Keen K-200 Welding Electrode Holding Oven 120V


Brief Product Description:

Don’t keep your welding rods in open cans around the shop- you might end up throwing those rods away along with your money. Hygroscopic low-hydrogen rods readily absorb atmospheric moisture which can lead to weld defects like porosity and cracking. Keep dry rods 24/7 with the Keen K-200 bench-top welding rod shop oven. Maintains factory-fresh dryness in the flux coating of costly SMAW welding consumables. Provides heated storage for 200 lbs of SMAW welding rods up to 18 inches in length. Maximum temperature 300F. External dial thermostat with adjustable range of 150F-300F. 500 watts. Optional thermometer available which mounts on the rod oven’s door.


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About the K-200 Bench Top Rod Oven – 200 lbs. Capacity

The K-200 stores 200 lbs. of welding electrodes and is an economical choice for shops that need to centrally store their consumables for long-term, 24/7 moisture protection. Our K-200 model maintains welding rods at ideal temperatures to prevent moisture pick-up and to optimize welds.

Our bench holding ovens are an excellent choice for small to medium-sized shops. Too large to be considered portable, yet small and light enough when empty to be picked up by a single person, bench ovens are an economical choice when a large floor oven is not required. Bench models are designed to be placed upon a bench or other stable surface for easy loading and unloading.

Heavy-Duty Construction and Performance Heating

The K-200 has a solid steel construction for long product life and durability. The exterior is powder-coated in KEEN blue and features a rugged door handle, tack-welded door hinges, heavy-duty storage shelves and 1″ (2.54 cm) thermal insulating wool for energy-efficiency. The K-200 features a long-lasting 500W Incoloy-sheathed tubular heating element for effective heating. It is located beneath a protective cover for damage protection and can be replaced quickly and easily when required. An external dial-adjustable thermostat is standard equipment. An optional thermometer accessory is available for the K-200 and is installed in the door (P/N 301127).

Shelving Design

The hexagonal shelving in the K-200 produces better natural convection within the oven when compared to flat shelving. Most electrode manufacturers discourage ‘stacking’ of electrodes too deeply while being heated to allow for better airflow over the consumable. With our shelving design, heat reaches the electrode coating more effectively to stave off atmospheric moisture.Please see diagram below of the airflow action with our shelving design:

heat shelf

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