Keen K-PH17.25 Industrial Oven for Preheating Railcar Wheels – Manufactured in USA


Brief Product Description:

Interior Dimensions: 28″L x 28″ x 38″H. Maximum temperature 575°F. The Keen K-PH17.25 industrial oven for batch heat processing is the ideal solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. This versatile, front-loading industrial oven is manufactured with heavy-gauge steel, 2 inches of mineral wool insulation, heavy-duty doors and rugged, long-lasting compression latches. Keen K-PH17.25 industrial ovens will fulfill many heat-processing requirements and are built to withstand years of heavy industrial usage. Feature-rich and built to last, this industrial batch oven exceeds the demands of today’s professionals. Standard digitally-adjustable, ON/OFF microprocessor-based controller with ±1 degree accuracy, over-temperature control, forklift pockets and much more. Made in USA.

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