Keen KT-4-36AP TIG Wire Holding Oven with Argon Purge System


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For the ultimate in contaminant-free TIG filler wire storage, the Keen KT-4-36AP oven features inert gas (argon or nitrogen) purging functionality to meet stringent aerospace and aviation welding codes. Argon and nitrogen gases are relatively inert – they neither react with stored materials nor carry moisture, thereby assuring a highly protective environment for costly TIG alloys. Capable of storing up to 24 tubes of 36”wire, the KT-4-36AP oven also provides heated, dry storage for an additional safeguard. Equipped with a digital temperature controlller, the KT-4-36 can be easily set to proper temperatures. Corrugated shelving provides efficient use of interior space, and incoloy-sheathed heating elements provide consistent, reliable heating. Welded door hinges, forklift pockets and much more. Maximum temperature 250F.


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