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Buy Discount Welding Equipment Online

The Internet has revolutionized the way we live our lives and the way we do business. Finding discount welding equipment on line is no exception.

Here are a few tips for buying on-line:
PLAN. Set aside at least two hours when you start surfing for welding equipment. Have a list of things you want to price. You will need to compare prices and details. The sites that have more details are a better option because they cut down the chance of returning the merchandise. Avoid websites where the pages that don’t load quickly. (Other problems follow.)

One website will have a new light duty, name brand TIG welding machine, for example, for $954 and on another page of the same site it will be priced at $823. They apparently failed to update all the pages. In another instance, I found a website that says “no shipping charge” and another one makes it clear that shipping is included with orders over $50. Be sure to look for and go with a company that has free shipping, even if they require a minimum order. There are just too many places on line to choose from to avoid paying shipping cost.

Don’t waste your time on websites where the pages look “poor,” that is with mismatched colors, uneven charts or tables, poor quality images, links that don’t work, pages that shout at you; these are good pages or websites to avoid. Their service and the way they treat a customer are most likely to be “poor,” shoddy, and not have the buyer’s interest foremost in mind.

For a Hobart “flip front” old-fashioned basic welding helmet expect to pay anywhere from $12 to 18 on most websites. But a Hobart lightweight polyamide nylon helmet with Dale Earnhardt Jr. graphics, that is powered by a 3 Volt lithium battery which is automatically recharged by the built-in solar cells model # 770-228, sells for $249.99 on most welding supply websites; but I found an “Buy Now” offer for the same identical item for $204 on e-Bay.

On e-Bay I found 25 lbs. of E-7018 welding rods for $14.99 on a “Buy Now” listing. One click to the description page with the picture was enough for me. Its shows a box of welding rods, in a cardboard container that was already opened. The listing indicates there is a $10 charge for shipping the 25-lb. container of rods. Moral of the story – buy welding rods in a hermetically sealed container. If there is ever any doubt about welding rods being exposed to moisture, even humid air, be sure to visit and check out our line of Discount Prices on Welding Rod Ovens.

MSN shopping network has some harder to find items like soapstone/soapstone holders, various size air compressors and air tools, chipping hammers, lens, goggles and glasses. I also found a heavy-duty, unlined, heat resistant pair of leather gloves by Forney Industries on sale for $11.79. The usual price is $15.79.