Keen K-MT56 Welding Wire Spool and TIG Filler Wire Oven – MADE IN USA


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The high-capacity Keen K-MT56 oven is the ultimate storage solution for 33 lb. welding wire spools and 36” TIG filler wire. Featuring a forced-convection design, the K-MT56 provides effective, heated storage to protect costly welding consumables from atmospheric moisture contamination and degradation. Capable of storing up to 56 spools of 33 lb, welding wire on heavy-duty cradeld shelves and up to 16 / 10 lb. tubes of TIG filler wire on door racks, the K-MT56 welding oven is unmatched in size, capacity and performance. Loaded with electrical and design safety features: digitally-adjustable, ON/OFF microprocessor-based controller with ±1 degree accuracy, manual reset high-limit fail-safe control and more. Maximum temperature 250F. Made in USA.


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