Keen KT-50 Portable Welding Rod Oven


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Avoid a contaminated weld pool and weld cracking. The Keen KT-50 rod oven shields SMAW stick welding electrodes from atmospheric moisture via heated storage. Preserves up to 50 lbs. of 18″ SMAW low hydrogen stick electrodes. Maximum temperature 275 Fahrenheit. Dual voltage 120/240. Oven auto adjusts to voltage when plugged in. Optional 4-compartment divider keeps rods separate while being stored inside the rod oven.

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About the KT-50 Portable Rod Oven – 50 lbs. Capacity

The KT-50 is designed to store 50 lbs. of welding electrodes during transfer from large shop ovens and at the job location. Economical, lightweight and easy to carry, our KT-50 model maintain rods at ideal temperatures to prevent moisture pick-up and to optimize welds.

The KT-50 is suitable for the hobby welder as well as the highly trained professional. It out-performs most portable ovens on the market and has a solid steel construction for long product life and durability. It’s low cost and compact size enables shops to keep 10 or 20 on hand for welders heading out to the field.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The KT-50 has a solid steel construction for long product life and durability. The exterior is powder-coated in KEEN blue and features a rugged handle for carrying the unit. 1″ (2.54 cm) Thermal insulating wool makes oven energy-efficient and keeps electrodes hot and moisture-free.

The KT-50 design features a square square exterior to provide stability while standing in an upright position. The lid can be secured in transit with a standard draw pull catch that prevents the lid from opening when not in use. The lid is riveted to the unit for added durability. A red “ON” indicating light is standard on the oven so a user or welding inspector can see the unit is powered on from a distance. The KT-50 comes standard with an adjustable bimetal thermostat that is located beneath the bottom cover to prevent it from damage.

Performance Heating

The custom-designed heating elements used on our portable ovens are part of a new class of highly energy-efficient, technologically-advanced heating elements that have a very low environmental impact. Unlike elements that utilize common resistance wire, our elements are self-limiting semiconductors that have a dynamic power output, so there is no steady state current or steady state power. They reach maximum operating temperature in just 5-10 seconds and not long after a state of equilibrium is attained. At this point, the resistance increases and the current flow drops to almost zero. The resistance will decrease on its own if ambient temperature decreases to allow more current to flow to the element to maintain maximum heating temperature with the lowest energy output. This results in a very low amperage draw enabling the oven to be extremely energy-efficient in the field.

Quality Temperature Control and Electrical Safety

Because of our unique self-regulating heating technology, thermostats are not a necessary safety feature for our portable ovens. The only case in which they would be necessary is if the user wants to reduce the temperature below 250°F for storing electrodes that require lower temperatures than low-hy rods.

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